Daughters And Sons


Daughters and Sons


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Daughters & Sons

Cover Photo: A young couple embrace on Sunday, April 25, 1999, at a memorial service for the victims of the Columbine High School shooting rampage in Littleton, CO. (AP photo/Eric Gay)

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Arranged by Bob Pelander of the Michael Stanley Band
Produced by Sonny Geraci, Rich Spina, and Mike Criscione.

The CD includes the song Love Will Light the Way and the live version of Precious and Few.

This website is dedicated to the children and their protectors killed in attacks on American schools. The song Daughters and Sons was written the evening of the Columbine High School shootings in 1999. It was the first mass shooting of students at an American school, and the harbinger of what was to come. As the parent of a daughter and son, it occurred to me that music might help to change the attitude of Americans towards guns. Music is a powerful medium, and gives us the opportunity to stop and reflect about issues that matter to us. This was why I sat down the night of Columbine and penned the words to Daughters and Sons. The song was recorded by Sonny Geraci, well known lead singer of Cleveland’s Outsiders (Time Won’t Let Me) and the hit song Precious and Few. Sonny Geraci’s rendition of this song is exactly what I envisioned when I conceived the song.

Tom Mauser, the father of Daniel Mauser, one of the Columbine victims, recorded an introduction to the song. Tom Mauser’s poignant words still ring true, twenty years after they were spoken.

The slayings of children in schools is America’s disgrace. The powerful gun lobby and certain U.S. senators make sure nothing will change. We are the only nation in the world plagued by this problem. The problem is escalating, not diminishing. Every day, 22 children and teens (1-17) are shot in the United States. I hope that this song can make a difference. I ask only that you listen to the message and think about what we as a society can do to stop the madness. How many more must die before we make the necessary changes to stop the killing of our children?

I invite the families of the slain to post pictures of their fallen loved ones on this site and tell us about them.

Hal Pollock 

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Audio Introduction by Tom Mauser

Daughters And Sons

Lyrics by Hal Pollock
Music by Tony Bodanza

Who is this child we bury today?
Only one of our daughters and sons
Will the killing end here?
Or must we all live in fear
That the horror has only begun

What can we do, to undo what we’ve done
By showing our children the point of a gun?
Can together we stand
And bring peace to this land?
Make it safe for our daughters and sons?

Our daughters and sons
Daughters and sons
We show them hatred and guns
Our own daughters and sons
If we could only undo
All the damage we’ve done
To our daughters and sons

We must lay down our arms
Lift our children above
All the madness in life
We must teach them to love
Let the message go out
All across this great land
That united we’re gonna stand

Who is to blame for what we’ve become?
Where did the anger and hate all come from?
If we place in harm’s way
Those we love every day
Then for certain we know what will come

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Let The Children Die

By Hal Pollock

People of America
Are you watching this with me?
Do you see them killing children?
Do you wonder what will be?
Though it’s over twenty years now
Since we said “Never Again”
The only thing that’s changed
Is that we have more deaths than then

Certain of our leaders
Have sold their souls say I
They take money from the devil
To let our children die
Shame on every one of them
To let this killing be
Do the children have to be their own
Before they come to see?

Leaders of America
What do you say to me?
Are you going to stop this killing
Or will you just let this be?
Can you feel the pain and anguish
Of the families that cry?
When they ask how you can stand there
And just let their children die?

Of all the countries in the world
This only happens here
That children and their parents
Have to live in constant fear
When you look into the mirror?
What do you see upon your face?
Do you see our murdered children?
Our American disgrace

Who will save the children
From our leaderships’ blind eye?
When a shooter’s in their classroom
And we leave them there to die
For these are all our children
Who depend on you and me
They cannot save themselves
Amidst all this hypocrisy

And what of our policemen
Who stand hiding safe outside?
When every second counts
They leave the killers to decide
The fate of all our children
Our daughters and our sons
When policemen lack the courage
To do what’s needed done

It is time that we unite
And end this saddest tragedy
Send a message to our leaders
That we will not let this be
We must all stand up together
For it’s up to you and I
To show the courage and conviction
Not to let the children die

All good people of this country
Will you now join hands with me?
Say it loud and say it clear
To make sure they hear our plea
So what say you our leaders
To the families that cry?
Are you prepared to do what’s right
Or let the children die?

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Listen to the Words of these people:

“As a nation, we have to ask: When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?  When in God’s name will we do what we all know in our gut needs to be done?”

President Joe Biden

“What are we doing?”

Senator Chris Murphy

“Mom, what picture are you going to use for me?”

Senator Eric Swalwell

“This was predictable, but it was also preventable.
How many more times?”

Fred Guttenberg, father of Jamie Guttenburg killed at Parkland School

“These are the same green Converse on her feet that turned out to be the only clear evidence that could identify her after the shooting.”

Matthew McConaughy

“I’m tired of the moments of silence. Enough.” 

Steve Kerr

“This doesn’t reflect the country that I think America is.
The America I’ve always admired.”

James Corden

“It isn’t a time for moments of silence, this is a time to be loud.”  

Jimmy Kimmel

“No one expects to take their child to school in the morning
and never see them again.

Nicole Hockley, Sandy Hook Promise CEO,
mother of Dylan Hockley killed at Sandy Hook

Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence


As hearings and discussion continues today on Capitol Hill on gun reform and a potential gun violence package, we urge you to reach out NOW to our senators representing Ohio in Washington — Senator Sherrod Brown and Senator Rob Portman. Tell them to pass gun control measures now – and tell them that this legislation should also include raising the age limit to legally purchase a gun, banning large capacity magazines, background checks and creating red flag laws. Tell them enough children have died from gun violence.

In collaboration with OCAGV, the Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan, executive director of the Ohio Council of Churches, shares the following message for our legislators:

“Lawmakers, it is your sacred duty to create laws that serve and protect people of every demographic and in all ZIP codes. Our school children deserve safety in their classrooms. Citizens deserve safety in the marketplace or while enjoying an evening of entertainment. And people of faith deserve safety in their houses of worship.

Senator Brown (D) can be reached at: (202) 224-2315 or online at https://www.brown.senate.gov/contact/email

Senator Portman (R) can be reached at: (202) 224-3353 or online at https://www.portman.senate.gov/meet/contact

The poem below is shared with permission of its author, Harold Pollock, an Ohio attorney.

Donate Now

Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence www.ohioceasefire.org 419.244.7442 | info@ohioceasefire.org

A Message From God

I start this year in disbelief
Confused, in anger, filled with grief
Trying hard to understand
All this killing in our land

How can you let such evil be?
Is this your plan, to punish me?
For I just cannot comprehend
How you expect my heart to mend

Yes it’s true, I had a plan
That you would love your fellow man
But you have cast my plan aside
Let evil demons be your guide

I gave you life, and all you need
Then stepped aside for I decreed
That you should make your way alone
And make your choices on your own

This killing that you’ve come to see
It surely did not come from me
It is not something I’d devine
So dare you not to call it mine

But can’t you see we’ve lost our way
We’ve nowhere else to turn today
We need your help so desperately
To lead us back where we should be

We promise never to forget
The lesson learned, the blood we’ve let
Give us a sign that you still care
A ray of hope that we can share

I handed down my plan to you
It’s up to you to see it through
There is still time to change your ways
And make a world of better days

So let this be my new decree
So it is written so it shall be
If all my children heed the call
There will be peace for one and all

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In Memoriam

Send the name and photo for posting on this site, in remembrance

A Millon Candles

By Hal Pollock

Hold a million candles to the sky
For our sons and daughters raise them high
Let the world hear a mother’s cry
And a new light shine on you and I

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